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“First impression is the last impression.” You get one chance to make a First Impression with recruiter through your well-written resume. Resume Writing Service provide you an opportunity to get your resume prepared by our expert in attractive, professional and reader - friendly way..

What benefit do you get from this?

1.    It increases your resume views by many times.

2.    Your personality will be presented in the best way so that your skills, strengths, and accomplishments will be visible to recruiter.

3.    It gives clear idea on your career goals and objectives to recruiter.

How does resume writing service work?

It works in the following manner.

How long will it take to prepare first draft of a candidate's resume?

Normally, we need one week time.

I am interested for this service, what will be the charges?

Following are the charges as per your years of experience.

Type of service

Experience (in years)

Charges (in Rupees)


0 – 1


Mid - Level

1 – 3


Senior - Level



Where to pay this amount?

You need to pay the amount as per your selected type of resume service to the following bank account.

Bank Name: State Bank of India (SBI)

Bank A/C No.: 30248312823

A/c Holder Name: Mamta Kumari

Branch Address: Hyderabad Central University, Hyderabad

Following information should be sent to us.

1.    Receipt number of payment which you have made to bank.

2.    Your updated resume which must have following information.

a)    Your full name as per certificate

b)    Your email-id which you use frequently

c)    Your phone number (if possible both mobile and land line number with STD code)

d)    Years of work experience

e)    Type of industry where you want to work

f)     Your hobbies/interests

Anything else you want to tell us, please write in a paragraph in the same file.

Contact Us?

In case of any query, please feel free to write us to email id: jyoticonsultant@hotmail.com

Phone: +91 (0) 94 9393 8586


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